We belonged to neither side, were just daily pilgrim. They quarantined us within the premises, situation appeared grim. For no fault, Police mutilated my son, Army killed my man. Frustrated by Jarnail's bold defenses, they slaughtered common man. Filled with grief, I searched, I waited, but the justice never arrived. Culprits roam free, no matter how hard we tried. This filthy land is not my nation, it must accept the blame. It encouraged rape, it allowed murder without any shame. Truth always face persecution from insecure mind. It is no exaggeration, explore Sikh history, many examples you will find.

Now they appease us, eulogize our Gurus, claim them to be part of glorious Aryan race. Beware of scoundrels, these selfish retards just present caring face.

(Wrath of a Victim, 1984, A daily pilgrim to Golden Temple)

Compiled by Rabjot singh

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