Punjab Problem and Sikh Identity


Punjab Problem and Sikh Identity

Is it true that the Sikh leaders of pre and post-Independence were constantly fooled by Gandhi, Nehru and others?

 Before you start commenting on this update,

grasp the historical background & the promises that were made.

Deceptive words of Nehru, a shrewd political act,

Jinnah warned Sikhs, assurances of Gandhi had no impact.

 In the freedom for nation, Sikh contribution was immense,

Sardar Patel labelled us as 'criminal tribe,' did he not had any sense?

Britishers accepted this faith is unique, and they could hear,

why Article 25? Sikhs asked majority leaders, 'are you in some fear?'

 New regions on the basis of language were made,

In case of a 'Punjabi Suba' why heavy price Sikhs paid.

Other states enjoyed control of water resource,

ask why in case of Punjab the Govt took a drastic course?



Compiled by Rabjot Singh

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