Donation Policy

Make efforts to strengthen roots of Sikhism

Sikhs4All foundation is guided by Guru Nanak’s idea of “Daswandh” which says Kirt of ten fingers (honest and clean earnings) and then sharing 10% of that ‘Kirt’ with the less blessed.

So we will accept donations from individuals, businesses and groups with absolutely clean professional records. If any donor is accused of wrongdoing and is found guilty either by us internally or by the courts of the country, we shall return the donation made by the person or group and blacklist them from ever associating with our foundation in future.

Sikh4All will operate with 100% transparency in its financial procedures and practices. Every single penny donated to the Foundation will be published on the website immediately along with the details of the donor. Every expense done will also be published on the website.

As of now, we are accepting remittances only from India and not from any other country. Remittance from NRE accounts with in India are acceptable.

Donations of Rs 10,000 and above are to be made through banking mode only and cash will not be accepted.


Your donation (DASWANDH) towards SIKHS4ALL FOUNDATION is instrumental in supporting the Less Blessed Children to shape up their future, by helping them transform into educated, visionary and vibrant members of society through civic, educational and personal development programs by keeping doctrines of “ Sikhi” at highest esteem

You can use the methods below to donate:

Donate within India

This account is for the SIKHS4ALL FOUNDATION and is ONLY for deposits from within India. Please do not send donations from outside India into this account.

Bank: State Bank of India
Account Number: 35329863466
IFSC Code: SBIN0011857

You can use the methods below to donate:

1. Write a cheque and sent it to:
Opposite JK Bank LTD, Near KARAN BAGH CHOWK,
Gadigarh Main Road, Jammu(J&K) -181101

Or Call 0191 -2262600 for a pick up from your location.

2. Transfer directly to the above account through net banking or through your bank. (NEFT/RTGS)

3. Donate online – This link is presently inactive and will be available soon.

Make efforts to strengthen roots of Sikhism.

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