Core Idea and objectives

The core idea of S4A is to empower people, specifically the downtrodden ones with the power of education and knowledge focusing on the following objectives:
  1. To conduct, Educational, Cultural and other such activities and help to guide aimless and directionless youth towards a meaningful and vivacious life so that they become worthy members of the society.
  2. Expose the underprivileged to latest education system in India and abroad and try to create a new window of opportunity for them.
  3. To Encourage computer literacy for helping our students find their feet in today’s digital world.
  4. To Encourage Entrepreneurial abilities in those who wish to learn or upgrade particular skill to succeed in establishing Businesses of their own or gain more rewarding employment.
  5. To ensure the religion of ten masters preaching peace and equality for all the humanity is followed and a SIKH stands tall to the true meaning of a learner throughout his lifetime always learning to give back to the society the good virtues out of this learning cycle of life.

Our Approach

At SIKHS4ALL we believe that the best way to make a profound difference in people’s lives is through creative, collective & collaboration which starts with
  1. Building a vast volunteer network:

    Acclimatize and mobilize all likeminded individuals to be a part of the effort by investing time, money and knowledge.

  2. Imparting benefits to the students who need help:

    Channelizing the available resources to the students in need in the best possible way with utmost transparency and accountability

  3. Building social capital:

    Right from primary education to university by means of scholarships, free coaching, counseling, guidance and skill development.

Our journey has just started and we know it is a long haul. Our aim is to try and ensure that no child who has the potential remains lacking for need of funds. We aim to create Global Citizens out of underprivileged children with the blessings of Almighty. We intend to grow into a total solution for these children from Kindergarten to University.

Make efforts to strengthen roots of Sikhism.

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