Sikligar Sikhs Upliftment

1. Sikligar Sikh children education

Ever since inception, the Foundation is actively engaged with the rehabilitation and social emancipation of Sikligar Sikh families. This foundation is focused exclusively on human development of youth of this needy and underprivileged section of Sikh Community. To educate Sikligar Sikh kids, three teachers have been hired and are already working with the kids. Each teacher handles a class of 35-40 kids each for 2 hours daily. Total enrollment as on date for the free tuitions stands at 117 kids.

Some families of Sikligar Sikhs are beneficiaries under Baisakh Sukhanda Scholarships also.

2. Punjabi and Gurmat Classes

Regular Punjabi/Gurmat classes have been going on for Sikligar Sikh kids primarily focusing on gurmukhi learning and later on Gurbani reading. The goal is to acquaint all children to the basics of sikhi and inculcate the values enshrined in Gurbani into their daily life.

Sehaj path classes for KAS aspirants and Sikligar kids were also taken by Sardar Rajpal Singh ji of Amritsar.

Make efforts to strengthen roots of Sikhism.

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